Are you an activist? Awesome. Political figure? Welcome. Are you just a person who really cares about the shit that’s happening in the world? Great. That’s really all we’re looking for.




In-It allows you to crowdsource videos from people all over the world or right in your own community. We believe in the power of numbers. The more stories, the more power behind your mission.

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  • Is content hard-to-find & expensive?
  • Crowdsource the best video contents from your audience

    In-It provides incredible access to what you’re looking for, without you having to dig through endless social media posts. Simply create a mission and ask for the content you’re looking for. All the videos uploaded to your mission will be verified based on location and time, and the source is always just a click away.

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  • Is trust & credibility your goal?
  • Build credibility & trust with our transparent platform

    in-it brings every side of the story into the same place to create a realistic and honest narrative. Missions simply allow you to open the door to everyone, which helps grow the conversation with diversity and create a more balanced and real narrative. This transparency provides the credibility you need and the trust you want.

  • Does your audience feel disconnected or left out of conversation?
  • Engage your audience, help them connect & gain valuable insights.

    By starting a mission, you're allowing citizens to weigh in directly with their stories, see others' stories and engage with you and their community. Seeing the number of people who feel or have experienced the same thing, creates immediate connection and the feeling of togetherness. Also, it allows you to listen, understand and gain valuable insights from them.


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