Watch this video to learn all about mission creation.


  • What are Missions?

First, a Mission should be a cause, campaign, idea or project that you’re passionate about and need the help of others to achieve something. In addition to this, Missions should be relevant to others. In-It exists to help bring everyone’s stories, experiences and opinions together, so Missions should be focused on topics that others care about too.


  • What kind of topics should I create a mission for?

Most missions are related to topics like social activism, injustices, good causes, and documentary-style projects. Missions can involve a global community, or be specific to certain countries, cities or other types of groups. You can learn more about topics here.



  • How does a video get blocked?

If you contribute a video to a mission, it must follow our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services. The main reasons a video might be blocked or removed is if it’s not relevant to the topic, if it includes private information about a person other than the person who is submitting the video, or if it’s found offensive and reported by multiple users.


  • How can I report a Mission?

If for some reason you find a Mission is offensive or inappropriate, you can report the Mission to the In-It team by contacting  .



If I want to post an anonymous video, how do I know if I’m truly anonymous and feel confident my identity won’t be revealed?



If my video is upvoted the most and wins the Mission Reward, am I guaranteed my reward?

If the reward is a monetary amount, then you are guaranteed the funds will be delivered by In-It. For rewards that are not monetary, the Mission Creator is solely responsible for delivering the reward they specified.


How long do payments for rewards take before they’re deposited in my account?

Monetary rewards will be deposited within 5-10 business days.


What gets featured on the homepage and why?

Based on voting by the community, the top 10 videos across all Missions will be featured on the homepage.

Making video

How to make a great video?

First, make sure your camera is on a stable surface or that you are holding the camera without much movement.

SHARE YOUR SURROUNDINGS (IF IT’S RELEVANT)If your surroundings are relevant to your video, briefly describe where you are and what’s around you.

Videos should be at least 15 seconds and cannot be longer than 1 minute.

Horizontal videos are preferred. This way, they’ll fill a larger frame on the Mission page and can be viewed more easily.  

Try not to use the zoom feature on your camera, unless you can’t physically get closer to your subject. This often lowers the quality and makes it more difficult to watch. It’s best to keep your camera close to you or the person who is recording their story.

In-It is a global company with the desire to bring voices together from all over the world. However, we do recommend stories are shared in English or with subtitles included, unless the Mission is very specific to a local region. Because so many people around the world speak English, it will allow many more people to be able hear your story.

If you or the person in the video can potentially be at risk for sharing their story, it’s important that you blur their face and obstruct their identity.


Mission Creation

  • When should I create a mission?

It is best to create a Mission when you have a specific point of view on a topic that is relatable for many others as well. Before creating a Mission, check to see if a similar one already exists on In It. If it does, consider contributing your own story and add to that Mission!


  • Who should create a mission?

Anyone can submit a Mission for review. We recommend that you are passionate and knowledgeable about your Mission’s topic and that you are willing to share your Mission across your own social media and/or with a community in order to get the stories you’re asking for.

Here you can read more about various ways you can use in-it and values that creating a mission can bring you.


  • Title (how to give a mission a good name?)

The easiest way to think about naming your Mission is to think about what makes a great hashtag. It should use as few words as possible (25 characters max), while also being clear about the topic it relates to.

Here are some examples:







  • Description and Ask

Your description should highlight the major points of your Mission. A good way to think about it is if there’s already a trending hashtag you can use or imagine the Mission name being a hashtag. Your Ask should be clear to viewers so they know what kind of stories you’re looking for.


  • Explainer video of mission creator (best practices)

Before you create your explainer video, think about why you are creating it. Think about the information that others need to hear in order to want to contribute their own video submissions. Some other things to consider before you record is making sure the lighting is good, the background is not distracting. You might want to add subtitles to your videos as well, or translate it if needed. Check out some good examples Here.


  • When and why should I allow anonymous video submissions?

We understand that there will be some Missions that involve asking for stories that are sensitive in nature or could put storytellers at risk. If your Mission does this, you should consider allowing anonymous videos to be uploaded. This way, people can share their stories without compromising their identities.


  • What are rewards or offerings?

The Rewards feature allows the Mission Creator to list any type of reward they’d like to give as an incentive for others to share good videos. Rewards are given only to the single most upvoted video that is submitted to your Mission.


  • How do I win a reward?

You can win a reward by submitting a video to the Mission and getting the most upvotes by others. Upvoting is done by the community. If it’s a monetary reward, In-It will handle the money transfer to the winner. If it’s anything other than monetary, the Mission Creator is solely responsible for contacting the winner, packaging the reward, and shipping it.


  • What is setting a goal and do I have to have a goal?

The Mission Creator can choose to have a goal for the Mission, or not. If they choose to have a goal, there are two different types of goals they can set.


One type of goal is based on the number of videos they are asking for.

The other type of goal is based on an action or next step that the Mission Creator will take.

For example: create a documentary, file a lawsuit, or begin a start-up or small business.


  • Mission duration( how long a mission can be?)

  • Can I schedule a Mission to go live at a later date?

Yes, you can either choose to let your Mission go live as soon as it’s approved by the In-It team or you can select a date for it to go live at some point in the future.


  • Mission location

Adding a location to your Mission will help you target other people in your area or in a specific are. When someone lands on, they will see Missions that are directly related to the area they are in. It’s important for your audience to know where in the world you are. It provides better context and understanding for your Mission.


  • Promoting your Mission

As the Mission Creator, you’ll be the first person to share your Mission with the world. Hopefully, your followers and friends will share it too. But it’s important that you’re willing and able to promote your Mission across social media channels or throughout your own community in order to get the videos you’re looking for.


  • What do I do when my Mission ends?

Depending on how you created your Mission, a few things can happen when your Mission ends. If you set up a Goal and Target, and your Mission reached its Goal by the End Date, then In-It will take the steps to contact the Target based on the information you gave us. If you set up a Goal that was not trying to target anyone, then you’ll be responsible for the next steps that you told your contributors you would take.


If your Mission did not have a Goal, then when your Mission ends, the video submission is closed. Your Mission will remain viewable along with all the uploaded videos until you decide to have it removed.