Frequently Asked Questions:

a. Mission basics

1- What is a mission?

Missions are the core building blocks of it In-It and they bring everyone’s stories, experiences and opinions together. Missions can be created to support and strengthen causes, campaigns, researches, reports, projects and/or movements. They are open to the public (everyone can see the videos uploaded to them) and they should be focused on topics that others care about too.

2- What should I cerate a mission for (use case examples)?

Events and communities

3- How can I support someone's mission?

The best way is to share a video of your story, experience or observation.
If you can’t contribute a video, here are some other ways to support a mission:
- Spread the word about it by sharing the mission with your network.
- Help us moderate the contents of that mission by reporting any content that makes the mission’s environment unhealthy for the community.
- Encourage participants by providing rewards (monetary or non-monetary). You can simply contact our team by sending an email to: . Your reward can help attract more people to the mission and motivates them to create higher quality content

b. Mission creation

1- When should I create a mission?

It is best to create a Mission when you have a specific point of view on a topic that is relatable for many others as well. Before creating a Mission, check to see if a similar one already exists on In It. If it does, consider contributing your own story and add to that Mission!

2- Who should create a mission?

Anyone can submit a Mission for review by our team. We recommend that you are passionate and knowledgeable about your Mission’s topic and that you are willing to share your Mission across your own social media and/or with a community in order to get the stories you’re asking for. 

3- Can I create a mission anonymously?

No, we take missions very seriously. That’s why we review every mission that is being submitted to in-it. For this review we need to know who the creator is and what they are asking from people.
Also, mission creators need to be actively involved in their mission and responsive to the contributors of their mission.

4- How can I create a mission?

We have put together this blog post to give you a step-by-step guide for making a mission. 

4- How can I delete my mission?

Please contact us if you need to delete your mission. If there is no video uploaded to your mission, it can be deleted immediately. But if your mission have videos uploaded to it, the video creators need to agree on deleting it in order for it to get deleted.

c. Mission Promotion, partnership & sponsorship

1- How can I sponsor a mission's reward?

d. About Videos

1- Can I upload more than 1 video for a mission?

Currently, each individual can upload only one video to each mission. This video needs to be 1 minute or less. This is because we want everyone to have equal opportunity to get seen and win potential rewards. 

2- What gets featured on the homepage and why?

Based on voting by the community, the top 10 videos across all Missions will be featured on the homepage. These videos will be shown randomly. 

3- If my video is up-voted the most, am I guaranteed my reward?

If the reward is a monetary amount, then you are guaranteed the funds will be delivered by In-It. For rewards that are not monetary, the Mission Creator is solely responsible for delivering the reward they specified.

4- How does a video get blocked?

If you contribute a video to a mission, it must follow our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services. The main reasons a video might be blocked or removed is if it’s not relevant to the topic, if it includes private information about a person other than the person who is submitting the video, or if it’s found offensive and reported by multiple users.

5- How can I delete a video that I have uploaded?

From the navigation go to "my account", find the video that you want to delete, then click on the trash can icon on your video. 

e. Making a great videos

1- What's the best way to film my video?

- Find a stable way to film
First, make sure your camera is on a stable surface or that you are holding the camera without much movement.

If your surroundings are relevant to your video, briefly describe where you are and what’s around you.

Videos should be at least 15 seconds and cannot be longer than 1 minute.

Horizontal videos are preferred. This way, they’ll fill a larger frame on the Mission page and can be viewed more easily.  

Try not to use the zoom feature on your camera, unless you can’t physically get closer to your subject. This often lowers the quality and makes it more difficult to watch. It’s best to keep your camera close to you or the person who is recording their story.

2- What are some important consideration that I should know of before making my video?

If you or the person in the video can potentially be at risk for sharing their story, it’s important that you blur their face and obstruct their identit

No matter how valuable the reward or how important the goal is, your safety and health is our priority and your sole responsibility. Also, remember to never break any laws.  

In-It is a global company with the desire to bring voices together from all over the world. However, we do recommend stories are shared in English or with subtitles included, unless the Mission is very specific to a local region. Because so many people around the world speak English, it will allow many more people to be able hear your story.

f. Privacy, safety and ownership

1- How can I report a video?

2- Am I allowed to take a video that shows someone else’s face in it?

You are legally allowed to show other people’s faces in videos if it is part of the scene or environment where you are filming.

3- Who is responsible if I get in trouble or injured while making a video?

PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT ANY RISK OR HARM FOR CREATING VIDEOS. No matter how valuable the reward or how important the goal is, your safety and health is our priority and your sole responsibility. Also, remember to never break any laws.  

4- What kind of rights do I have to my content?

The content and videos you post are yours and will remain yours forever.


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