Video crowdsourcing for collective action

Your voice cannot and should not go unheard. That’s why we are creating a safe space that empowers people to organize and share their real and honest stories to bring awareness, shift perspectives, create accountability, and influence change.

* This is an example mission.

* This is an example mission.


How in-it works


Think of it like a crowdfunding platform, except instead of giving money to support someone, you’re contributing 1-minute videos of your stories and experiences.



1. Pick or Post a mission

From affordable housing to global warming to free school lunch. There are a lot of issues out there that demand attention. By searching In It, you can find a Mission that resonates with you. If you have a topic in mind that doesn’t exist on in-it, you can start your own mission for it.


2. Chip in with your original video

Share your story, experience or opinion by creating a 1-minute video and uploading it to the mission you’ve picked.

*You can upload your video completely anonymous.

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3. Build momentum and make a difference

Your story contributes to a bigger purpose. Whether the goal is increasing awareness, raising funds, calling out someone in power or pushing for cultural or legal change – You help make it happen.





Want more people to hear your story?
Your voice makes a difference here.

 Social and mainstream media scatter stories across competing platforms. In-It amplifies your voice by bringing your story together with others’ for greater impact. You set the goal number of videos you need to effect change, take action, or call out/reach an individual or organization. With thousands of voices under the same mission, it’s impossible to ignore the power in numbers. 

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Can’t trust all that you hear or see online?
Our stories come straight from the source.  

 You’re hungry for the facts and true experiences from the people, not sensationalized stories the media creates. Now you can get direct access to those who are closest to what’s happening in the world, all in one place. No middlemen or skewed journalism. Just stories told straight from the source.


Concerned and quiet because of your digital footprint? 
Your identity is protected here.

 Whether you want to expose your identity or remain anonymous, in-it allows you to be part of the conversation. We connect you to people who have experienced the same thing or share your concern, while exposing you to other voices in the conversation. By cultivating a deep sense of belonging and unity in your mission, you get to co-create the community you and so many others have been looking for.

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We are a group of geeks, idealists, & innovators working together from 3 different cities.


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