Video crowdsourcing for collective action

Your voice cannot and should not go unheard. That’s why we are creating a safe space that empowers people to organize and share their real and honest stories to bring awareness, shift perspectives, create accountability, and influence change.

* This is an example mission.

* This is an example mission.


How in-it works


Think of it like a crowdfunding platform, except instead of giving money to support someone, you’re contributing 1-minute videos of your stories and experiences.



1. Pick or Post a mission

From affordable housing to global warming to free school lunch. There are a lot of issues out there that demand attention. By searching In It, you can find a Mission that resonates with you. If you have a topic in mind that doesn’t exist on in-it, you can start your own mission for it.


2. Chip in with your original video

Share your story, experience or opinion by creating a 1-minute video and uploading it to the mission you’ve picked.

*You can upload your video completely anonymous.

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3. Build momentum and make a difference

Your story contributes to a bigger purpose. Whether the goal is increasing awareness, raising funds, calling out someone in power or pushing for cultural or legal change – You help make it happen.