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in-it is here to help you start a Mission (video campaign) for a project, issue or cause you are passionate about. Then inspire others to show their support by sharing their 1-minute videos (even anonymously) and together make the Mission impossible to ignore.

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Create a collective voice


From affordable housing to global warming to free school lunch, there are a lot of issues out there that demand attention. Yet, on social media stories are scattered across individual users and competing platforms, making it hard for people to create a collective voice.

With in-it people can collectively, create a narrative around a topic that is powerful, inclusive and impactful.


Anonymity when you need it

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When it comes to sensitive or controversial issues, most of us are silent on social media out of fear, shame, conformity or disappointment.

We believe every story matters. That’s why we empower people to have the option to upload their videos to missions that allow anonymous content without disclosing their identity (pixelate videos and hidden name).


Your influence can spark real change

If you have a strong base of followers, you are in a great position to change the world for the better. So, what if under the umbrella of your influence, you could bring attention to stories of people who would go unheard otherwise?

Whether you are a celebrity, a politician, a journalist, an activist, a researcher or anyone else whose work becomes more powerful with people's collective stories and voices, we are here for you.

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How to launch a mission?

A mission give you the opportunity to create a video campaign within seconds. Then spread the word about it and even embed the mission on your own website.


1. Plan your mission

Pick your mission’s topic about something that deserves more attention. It can be for an issue in your community, city, country or the world- it’s the impact that you want to make that matters.

2. Customize it

Now, all you have to do is to communicate what videos you need and set a deadline. Then you can give your mission a goal (to let other users know how many videos you need), list any supporters you have and give users the option to contribute anonymously (for more sensitive topics).

3. Share your own video

Help people understand and spread the word about your mission by being the first to share your video to it. Make sure to clearly explain your message, goal and what you need in your video.

4. Put your influence to work

Share the mission page with your followers and fans to share videos of their stories. Also, invite individuals and organizations that can join forces to support your mission.

5. Make some noise

Your mission doesn’t end here. Use it to shape an honest and unbiased narrative, create a strong community, and push for lasting change

6. Expand your network and knowledge

When your mission ends, we offer your participants’ email list, as well as insights and information about your mission.


Case Study: #StopTheBan

Here is an example of a promotional video that we created for #StopTheBan mission on in-it.

#StopTheBan mission, was started to give voice to individuals affected by the Travel Ban (commonly also known as Muslim Ban) since this issue had majorly fallen off the headlines, but continued to affect the lives of certain groups of immigrants.

This mission:

  1. Reached and in fact exceeded its goal of collecting 100 stories. You can check out those stories here.

  2. The videos and insights from the mission got used by multiple documentary makers and reporters as a source to find leads and new stories.

  3. Got the attention of policymakers and it's stories is going to be used in order to better convince key legislators to move forward with the No Ban Act.


More reasons why you need to join in-it today!


Is content hard-to-find & expensive?
Crowdsource the best video contents from your audience.


Is trust & credibility your goal?
Create a more balanced, diverse and real narrative with stories that come straight from the source.


Does your audience feel disconnected or left out of conversation?
Engage your audience, help them connect & gain valuable insights.


Does going after powerful people and major issues seem like a daunting task?
Build a powerful collective that can beat any issue or individual.



Have a topic in mind that needs people’s voices and stories?


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